Sam - Hera Fitness Owner
Beauty - Fitness - Adventures 
Hey Team!
I'm Sam, 28, from the beautiful Taranaki! I am a qualified beauty therapist, personal trainer and the owner of Hera Fitness. After being in the beauty therapy industry and owning my own clinic in the CBD I sold up to pursue my true love of fitness, adventures and gym apparel! 
I love being outdoors, going on adventures and NZ road trips, spending time on our lifestyle block and going on walks with my five dogs! 
As someone who is 5"3 I could never find a pair of gym leggings that didn't have a mile of extra fabric ruched at my ankles so my mission is to have Hera cater to those of us who can never find exactly what we want, whether that is the shorter length leggings, those leggings where you just need that next size up or something that looks good enough and is just as comfy to wear as lounge wear, Hera will have your back! 
Thank you for all of the love and support Hera has had so far,